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Wisconsin's New and Improved Computer Recycling Program

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Community Recycling Program
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All cords
External Hard, CD or DVD drives
Keyboards and mice
Switches and Hubs
Other peripherals


Also not excepted:
Copy Machines

Due to operational restructuring, we will not be accepting computer donations or orders for refurbished computers. We expect to be operational Sept 17th.

What happens to your “old” computer?” Many go no further than the storage room down the hall or the back of the garage. We are reluctant to send a computer that performed well and was very expensive to a landfill.

Now there are options for that computer! Give it a new lease on life! Donate it to the Department of Corrections’ new and improved Computer Recycling Program.

The Program receives donations of equipment from many non-profit sources (other state agencies, public and private organizations as well as individuals). These donations vary widely as to the age and level of usefulness. Incarcerated individuals, employed and trained by skilled staff, clean, refurbish and prepare the computers for return to service in the community. Equipment that can not be refurbished is demanufactured, separated by commodity, and sold to recycling vendors. To date, over 250,000 pieces of equipment that otherwise would have gone into our landfills have been recycled.

Refurbished systems are sold to school systems, state agencies that work with individuals with disabilities as well as other qualified non-profit organizations such as day care centers, churches, neighborhood centers and educational facilities. These computers are only sold to governmental and non-profit agencies and only be used for educational and training purposes. We currently have a large inventory of computers available for immediate sale, with desktop being sold for $50.00 and laptops being sold for $125.00.

Please, take a moment and, consider how your donation of used computer equipment could benefit others. This “old” computer might go to a day care center where very young children are learning basic computer skills, or it might go to an inner-city, after school program where teens are taught the new technology that is needed to compete in school.

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Computer Recycling Program

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For prices and availability, please contact:

Bureau of Correctional Enterprise
Computer Recycling Program
Greg Giese
510 Industrial Drive
Waupun, WI 53963
Phone: 920.324.9337