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Badger State Industries exclusive warranty is clearly defined in the Badger State Industries terms and conditions. The length of warranty for each item is found in the product description. If you currently have a product covered by our warranty that was damaged upon delivery, or has a defective component, our repair service is available to you. This warranty does not apply to defects from abuse, misuse, neglect or alteration by the customer. Badger State Industries will repair or replace defective goods to our customer’s satisfaction in a timely manner. Customers will be notified of all changed not covered under warranty prior to service.

Products will not be permitted to return without written consent. Returned shipments are subject to a re-handling/restocking charge, the amount of which will be determined after merchandise is received and inspected.

To help serve you, please complete the Repair Service Authorization form. If you need assistance please contact our office at 608.240.5249.

Quality Assurance has been a part of the Badger State Industries landscape for well over a decades. As far back as 1987 QA specialists were working in the production facilities, developing specification, improving practices and procedures, updating materials, and designing quality control inspection programs. Theses programs took hold and product quality has vastly improved largely because production personnel, from Superintendents to Inmates, have made quality a primary concern.

But product quality is only part of the picture. Our Quality Assurance program has expanded its horizons to include systems analysis, transportation issues, delivery of services, all in an effort to understand and improve the most critical ‘product’ of all, Customer Satisfaction

So, we'd like you to meet our Quality Assurance Specialist, Nancy Smith. Nancy brings over 18 years of private sector quality assurance and supervision experience to Badger State Industries. She has designed and implemented training and quality control programs for several Wisconsin manufacturers. She also has production experience including a stint in our upholstery shop. Nancy understands the issues. Nancy is hands-on and a problem solver. If you have a quality concern with a BSI product or service, she'd like to hear from you.

Information provided goes directly to the QA Specialist for review and careful consideration and ultimately to the Director of the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises.


Nancy Smith at 608-240-5249